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Our 3 Step System to Increase Sales


Boosting sales is easier if you have enough qualified leads. Our multi-step system will shed light on who your ideal consumer really is, where to find them, and how to connect with them. Not understanding what drives your buyer will slam the breaks on all sales.


Knowing how to convert a higher percentage of leads to customers is far more important than driving new prospects to a website. The problem is, many small business owners never learned this, or overlook it when attempting to increase sales and it leads to frustration and wasted ad dollars.


Sales and profits rise faster when owners focus on retaining customers over acquiring new ones. We help our clients setup multiple ways to retain existing customers and increase their lifetime value. We’ve found this to be one of the most profitable but neglected profit centers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“For all those interested in utilizing Mr. Ramon Dees services, I highly recommend him. He is thorough and very knowledgeable about the aspect of marketing. He has tremendously helped me in growing my business and he can definitely help you with yours.”
Dr. Brian T. Utley, Utley Chiropractic

“Ramon Dees has been a huge blessing to us and an integral part in the growth of our old business (the gym) and the birth and successful opening of our new business (an after school program and summer camp). From day one I was impressed with his desire to truly earn our business because he believed in his service/product and knew that it would help us grow. He was very professional, presenting us with a timeline for the marketing campaign and he delivered what he’d promised. He went over and beyond because his greatest goal was to see us succeed and reaching our goals of bringing more clients in the door. At the time when we started working with Ramon, we had only 6 students registered for our summer camp program. At the end of week 1 after the successful marketing campaign, we had a total of 71 students for our summer camp program… it’s first year!

“Ramon is extremely passionate about helping your business succeed and it shows. Extremely knowledgeable.”

Stephanie Anderson, The Anderson Law Practice

“Ramon is always a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable and dependable and has a keen sense of understanding business dynamics and the needs for growth. I would highly recommend Ramon for any forward thinking team.”

“Last year, I made the difficult decision to reinvent my business and change direction. Ramon acted as a sounding board and helped me crystalize my thoughts. Because of his input and insightful questions, I accelerated the growth of my new business and stopped mourning the death of my old business. I came away from my time with Ramon, energized and laser focused on activities to generate revenue and clients from day one. I learned that with the right client, and the right message to that client, I can grow my business quickly. If you need clarity around a decision you are struggling with, I highly recommend you consult with Ramon. I’m sure it will be time well spent.”

Felicia Gopaul, College Funding Resources

“Working with Ramon has been a great experience. He worked on my website and got it ready for me to use for the selling of my book and speaking engagements. Ramon understands online marketing better than anyone I know. I have also referred him to my network on several occasions. If you want to increase traffic to your business…call Ramon now!!”

Myron E. Cobb

“The coaching that is provided is top notch! The proven digital marketing strategies I received are essential for the growth of my business. I highly recommend the strategy session with 48 Days Marketing Coach to all solopreneurs.”

Regina Roberts, Events By Saving Grace

“I recently had some business/ministry decisions that I had to make that I believed were critical to the next steps of my destiny. The first person I thought to reach out to was Ramon Dees due to his wise counsel and coaching expertise that I had benefited from many times in the past. He carefully listened to my thoughts, ideas, and fears and gave me advise that was priceless. During our conversation, my eyes were opened to things that I had not previously considered. And in the end, I was motivated, encouraged to make commitments, and given deadlines to hold me accountable to those commitments.”

Kelvin Pitts, Kelvin Pitts Music

“Hi, I’m Roy Barrett, Senior Pastor of Discover Life Church (DLC) in Dunwoody, GA. I’ve known Ramon Dees for more than 20 years. For the last 5 years, he has served as the Communications Team Leader at DLC. During that time, he has built and managed our church’s website, provided direction in how we use social media, and helped us attract more first-time guests through our online presence. I can safely say that 68-70% of our first-time visitors routinely tell us they came to worship with us because of what they saw on our website. Ramon has been an asset, and is someone I depend on to help us deliver a life-changing ministry experience. I’d recommend him to any Senior Pastor, or Communications Team Leader who has questions about how your church, ministry, or organization can be more fruitful and productive with your use of digital media.”

Pastor Roy T. Barrett, Discover Life Church