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You know how a lot of coaches, authors, and solopreneur experts struggle to create a consistent and predictable income? I solve that problem by helping them attract their ideal customer by crafting a unique and compelling value proposition to generate more leads and sales in 26-31 days. (I’ll tell you exactly how we did that for one client in just a moment.) But, before I do… here’s little more about me….

Since, 2010, I’ve helped 40+ clients get and keep customers with digital marketing strategies… and I LOVE it… but it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time I deeply regretted following my passion. What started out as a dream to make a difference quickly turned into a nightmare when my first two large clients canceled in the middle of our agreement… resulting in a loss of more than $4,450 in committed revenue that never came in. That was back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve bounced back by repositioning my company to help small business owners (and a few non-profits) to get and keep customers by helping them play to THEIR UNIQUE STRENGTHS! That’s how I rediscovered the love for what I do.

While I had dabbled in entrepreneurship since I was 14, my greatest inspiration to start a business came after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and flying to San Rafael, CA to become a Rich Dad Cashflow Coach. Loral Langmeier was the first “professional coach” I ever met. I came away from those 2 days knowing I was “called to help others as a coach” as a means to helping them become more productive and profitable.

I was stoked about starting a real business after returning from San Rafael. However, I hit a MAJOR hiccup after being downsized 7 days before 911… I was forced to take a 51% pay cut. For the next 4 years… I lived “just over broke” as I searched for a career opportunity that matched what was in my heart. That’s when I first got into digital advertising (May 2005).

I’d worked in the advertising industry for 2.5 years before I started my business. Those first 2.5 years were just enough time for me to get acquainted with the anger and frustration being experienced by many small business owners. My challenge was… I didn’t know what I didn’t know about starting and running a business. The majority of my struggles sprung from my lack of real-world insight into what it really took to manage and grow a business.

I was also greatly influenced by Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love. I’m committed to helping people play according to their strengths. I first heard Dan talk about our strengths being at the intersection of 3 key areas:

  • Values, dreams, and passions
  • Skills, talents, and abilities
  • Our personality

I’m firmly believe we find our greatest opportunities at the intersection of these 3 areas. To ignore this is to position ourselves to struggle whether we’re self-employed, or pursuing traditional W-2 employment.

I chose to name my company 48 Days Marketing Coach because I feel that strongly about the principles put forth in this book. If we have the right focus and take the right approach… we can create major breakthorughs in as few as 48 days. (I’ve seen this in my life and in the lives of my clients.)

Early in my career… I received some “coach training” from Dan Miller, and received an endorsement from 48 Days, LLC.

After my initial training with 48 Days, LLC… I proceeded to devour every business building tidbit I could get my hands on. I searched Google, bought multiple courses, attended webinars, jumped on a plane and went to marketing conferences, and did anything I thought would accelerate my getting unstuck. It was a slow process partly because I was overwhelmed by information overload. On top of that, I was often paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision. Because I was operating on a shoestring budget… I didn’t want to throw away what little money I had on some random strategy that didn’t work.

Along the way… I’d been listening to other successful coaches and consultants talk about how they broke through once they hired a coach. Well, I didn’t have $500 a month to hire a coach.

Well… in May of 2015, I got a major breakthrough when I found a coaching program within my budget. Ben Adkins helped me understand the 4 fundamental pieces of earning a living via online marketing.

Between his coaching, and tips I got from Terry Dean (and a dozen others over the years) I started to gain a real sense of clarity about how to capitalize on everything I had learned. That’s what led to me knowing how to serve others by leveraging my unique strengths.

In the midst of this personal and professional growth – I’ve had some significant wins and created some raving fans along the way.

So… back to the point I mentioned above….

In April 2016, I helped a local client (Team 3 After School Program & Camps) who had just started a new business) to increase their customer base by 1,083% in just 26 days using a viral marketing method used by PayPal, airbnb, and Dropbox to become billion dollar brands.

Then, I also helped another client (Kenerly Music Studio) increase their customer base by 73% by running one radio commercial. We did that by showing them how to stand out from the crowd by crafting a Magnetic Message, aka a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Research indicates that most small business owners have not learned how, or taken the time to create a unique message that attracts their ideal customers. Consequently, far too many are giving business away (to their competitors) and leaving money on the table.

We help our clients plug up those holes by using a proven and scientific process to create a truly compelling marketing message that attracts their ideal client so they can generate more leads and sales… faster, easier, and with less stress than ever.

Are you interested in how you might generate up to twice as many leads within increasing your ad spend? Would you like to work smarter instead of just working harder? (Hard work is necessary – I DO NOT believe in get-rich quick schemes.) If so, reach out to me by clicking or tapping below to complete the Initial Consult Questionnaire.

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