Attract, Convert, Retain Business Concept

Everyone would love better conversions. Conversions are required to stay in business, so the science of conversion optimization is gaining greater importance.

Most small business owners I know want to boost sales and revenue, but they’re sometimes unsure of what specific approach will create the desired result. A common mistake is to think they can simply increase their paid advertising in order to drive more traffic (online or offline) with the hope of increasing sales.

While that can work, a wiser approach is to focus on boosting conversion rate in order to maximize the ROI from the existing ad spend.

Even the slightest change in the ad creative can increase or decrease conversions, so you’ll want to test and track all changes. Don’t make the mistake of changing ad elements without tracking the net result. You can suffer loss going that route.

There are countless ways to help you improve your conversion rates, but here we’ll focus on 7 tips that can make a huge difference.

7 Tips for Significantly Better Conversions

Don’t give a lot of options – One of the most sure-fire ways to get people to abandon a cart or web form is to ask for too much information. Likewise, even showing a great number of choices can freeze potential customers into inaction, and thus lose the sale.

Test everything – Leave nothing to chance. Even a single word in the wrong place can make a big difference. Same applies with images and calls to action. Running A/B tests are the most informative, and far less time consuming than multivariate testing.

Know your colors – Colors evoke emotions, and if yours are producing a message in opposition to your sales message, you’ve got a problem. Be sure you understand the science of colors as they apply to sales.

Videos and images are powerful – The brain processes visual media 60,000 times faster than textual data. Not just any images and videos will do however, as you still need to test these as well.

Take care with your calls to action – Don’t use the stock buttons everyone else does. Make sure you test the shape, wording, placement and colors of your calls to action and buy buttons.

Remove navigation – Take away navigation to anything but the action desired on pages where you hope to make a conversion. Your page should have but one purpose, and one purpose only. Don’t give them a chance to be distracted by anything other than the task at hand!

Don’t go with your gut – Trust the data, not your emotions. Many is the time marketers have fallen deeply in love with text or visuals that proved to be totally wrong. Let your testing tell you what works!

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