I’ve had scores of conversations with local business owners in Atlanta who want more traffic coming to their website. While new traffic is important, they’re often overlooking something more important.

If you double or triple the traffic coming to a website, but have a poor conversion rate… you won’t see the return on investment you deserve.

The lifeblood of any online business for profit is conversions, and the best way to ensure those are the best they can be is by conversion optimization.

The smallest change can make a major difference when it comes to conversions, so it would follow there are a number of elements we should be focusing on.

For now though we will look at 7 tips for improving conversions to get you started down the road to more profits!

7 Tips for Significantly Better Conversions

Don’t give a lot of options – One of the most sure-fire ways to get people to abandon a cart or web form is if you ask for excessive information. Likewise, even showing a great number of choices can freeze potential customers into inaction, and thus lose the sale.

For instance, let’s talk about web forms a little. Wisdom is to ask for as little as possible when someone is at the top of your sales funnel. Once they’ve expressed interest (by completing a very basic web form only requiring an email address ), and you’ve built some trust by adding value – then you can ask for more information

Test everything – Leave nothing to chance. A single word in the wrong place can make a huge difference. Same applies with images and calls to action. Running A/B tests are the most informative, and much less time consuming than multivariate testing. Not to mention, A/B testing is A LOT easier than it once was with advancements in technology.

Anyone with a WordPress site can download a free plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/nelio-ab-testing/.

Know your colors – Colors evoke emotions, and if yours are creating a message in opposition to your sales message, you have a problem. Make sure you understand the science of colors as they apply to sales. Here’s a link to a really good post by Sandi and Jeremy Krakowski, “What Does Color Mean to Your Blog? Why Should You Care“.

Videos and images are powerful – Did you know, the brain processes visual media 60,000 times faster than textual data? You’ll do yourself and your website visitors a favor when you use video and audio in your online marketing. It’s one of the reasons Facebook has really begin to favor video in their news feed. Not just any images and videos will do however, as you still need to test these as well.

Take care with your calls to action – If your website manager forgets to add calls-to-action, you’re toast. Contrary to popular belief, people don’t just “get it” when they’re on your website. It’s why conversion rate optimization specialists earn a nice living.

Don’t use the stock buttons everyone else does. Make sure you test the shape, wording, placement and colors of your calls to action and buy buttons.

Remove navigation – Take away navigation to anything other than the action desired on pages where you are hoping to make a conversion. Each page on your website should have one purpose, and one purpose only. Don’t offer them a chance to be distracted by anything other than the task at hand!

Don’t go with your gut – Trust the data, not your emotions. Many business owners and marketers have fallen deeply in love with text or visuals that proved to lower the conversion rate. Let your testing tell you what works!

I’d love to create more content that helps you become more productive and profitable with your marketing. Leave a comment below and let me know what you liked most about this post. Or, tell me what you want to know more about.

Make it a great day!