For 12 years now… I’ve LOVED helping small local business owners get and keep customers with digital marketing strategies. Far too often, I’ve found many service providers are making some of the same mistakes. Today’s post goes over some of the most common marketing mistakes chiropractors and others have made. If you can avoid these, and better choices… you just might see the practice growth you’ve been hoping for.

How many of these common mistakes are you currently making right now with your chiropractic advertising/marketing:

How many of these common mistakes are you currently making right now with your chiropractic advertising/marketing:

Mistake #1: Not Having a Compelling Headline to Seize the Attention of Your Target Audience

Remember, 80%+ of the readership of any chiropractic marketing or advertising piece is based on the headline. If there is no headline… let alone a compelling headline… what reason are you giving folks for seeing your ad and wanting to keep reading?

Mistake #2: Being “feature focused” and not “benefit focused”.

Every marketing message you put out in front of folks must clearly tell them what they stand to gain or how their life stands to be improved by reading and responding to your advertisement. The benefits the prospective patient will experience when they respond to your ad is what they want to know.

Mistake #3: Not having a Differentiating Statement (commonly referred to as a USP).

What should a prospective patient choose you and your chiropractic practice over every other option they have out there – including other chiropractors, massage, physical therapy, surgery, and doing nothing? You must answer that question in every marketing piece you put out.

Mistake #4: Not making an enticing offer.

The typical (ineffective) chiropractic marketing piece does nothing more than give out information about the practice. What’s missing from most is an offer – something the prospective patient is being offered and what they need to do to get it.

Every single chiropractic marketing message you put should make folks an offer for something (i.e. a complimentary office visit, consultation, set of X-rays, massage, discounted appointment, etc.).

The better more irresistible the offer is… the better your ad will perform.

Mistake #5: Not giving prospective patients a reason to respond right now.

Never forget, delay is deadly in marketing and sales. People are lazy and procrastinate by nature. So, if you don’t give them a reason to respond to your advertisement or marketing piece today, more than likely they will put it off. And, the longer it is put off, the less the likelihood of them responding. So, make sure every single marketing message you put not not only makes an irresistible offer, but gives the person a reason to respond right away.

Mistake #6: Not making a call-to-action.

A call-to-action is nothing more than simple, clear instructions on what the person should do next to take advantage of the offer you’re making them in your chiropractic advertisement.

Of course, because an overwhelming majority of chiropractic marketing pieces and advertisements don’t make an offer or give a reason to respond right away, there’s no need for a call-to-action. Because there’s no action they should take. This is obviously a big, big no-no.

If you’re making any or all of these mistakes with your chiropractic marketing and advertisements right now, don’t sweat it. Most chiropractors are.

The most important thing now is that you realize it and you make the necessary changes and improvements going forward.

Fixing any one of these mistakes can have a pretty hefty impact on your marketing response.

Fixing all of these mistakes can radically… radically… change the entire practice-building game for you.

Source: 6 Most Common Chiropractic Marketing Blunders

To increase new patient leads, improve patient retention, and boost referrals, you need a strategic marketing plan. Many seemingly “tried-and-true” strategies from the past have lost their effectiveness. Others must be updated to fit the modern landscape.

Chiropractic is no different than any other industry. Traditional forms of advertising have lost their potency. Increasing competition has cluttered the market. Sustaining your practice on referrals alone may no longer be an option. If you’re experiencing these pains, you may need to alter your approach.

Consider these three marketing mistakes made by chiropractors and see if it’s time for a new marketing strategy.

Mistake # 7: Not Having a Practice Website

The Internet contains hundreds of millions of websites. Businesses of all sizes use this channel to reach new customers. The Internet has revolutionized business, as it is an integral part of our everyday lives. Prospective patients rely on the Internet more than ever, as they scour the Web for information on their health.

This is why having a practice website is so critical. Without one, your practice is ignoring countless people searching for a practice just like yours. Sure, some people are hesitant to find a doctor on the Internet. But millions of people do every year. Meanwhile, traditional forms of marketing are becoming less and less effective.

If your patient base is in decline, you might consider creating a website – or if you already have one, reexamine your existing site. Your website must be contemporary, resonate with your ideal patient, and help persuade an interested visitor to choose you. Your website is a springboard for other online ventures. In essence, it’s the hub of all your online marketing efforts.

Mistake # 8: Ignoring Your Online Reputation

If someone is writing about your practice, you want to know about it. Online review sites are increasing in popularity. Everything from restaurants to chiropractors, people want to see what others are saying (even if they are strangers) before making a commitment.

To keep tabs on your online reputation, perform a Google search of your practice. You may have dozens of positive reviews you didn’t even know about. If you discover negative feedback, it’s important to respond to those reviews in a professional and courteous manner.

Mistake # 9: Avoiding Changes in the Digital Landscape

The online marketing world is constantly evolving. Are you making the necessary adjustments to maintain your online presence? Here are a few questions to ask when evaluating your current marketing efforts:

  • If you already have a website, is it mobile-friendly (test your site here)?
  • Do you have social media profiles, and are you actively working them?
  • Are you measuring your results to ensure the efficacy of your marketing efforts?
  • Are you following best practices when it comes to content, search engines, and local listings?

Traditional forms of advertising are going by the wayside. Without an up-to-date website, and a sound online reputation, you’re missing out on a host of new patients. Avoid these common marketing pitfalls and start getting new patients today.

Source: 3 Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Chiropractors

Pointing out what’s wrong is easy enough. It’s more important to know where and how to focus your time, attention, and financial resources in order to realize your growth goals.

How to Fix These Chiropractic Marketing Mistakes

The first thing is to understand how consumers make buying decisions. People go through three stages before deciding to purchase. It’s called The Buyers Journey.

One of the fastest ways to see faster results in ANY marketing campaign is to map the marketing to how your ideal customer buys. Trying to circumvent the Buyer’s Journey is a fast-track to wasted time and money in marketing.

In order to avoid these and other chiropractic marketing mistakes, it’s critical to have a written marketing plan based on best-practices. Small business owners must position themselves in front of their ideal consumer… and demonstrate why they are to be trusted. A proven way to make that happen is with an optimized website that ranks prominently on page 1 of Google, Yahoo!, and/or Bing for relevant keyword searches.

The challenge is… a lot of chiropractors and small business owners are missing out on the low-hanging fruit that comes with local seo. Nevertheless, there is still time to benefit from local search engine marketing… if you take the right steps.

This is why I’ve created this free report, “How Geotargeting Keywords Brought 333% Growth to a Local Small Business”. Any small local business not ranking on page 1 of Google can benefit from the tips inside. Click below to download your copy now. Inside, you’ll find specific steps to take once you’ve eliminated the mistakes listed above.