This Doing Business By The Good Book Series is blessing me! Every week, I’m gaining valuable insights that are helping me to become a better person. Transformation is not easy, but it’s necessary and possible if we’ll look to Jesus Christ.

This Week, David Steward dives into the never-ending changes we all face in this life.

I’ll be the first to admit… change can be difficult, and often comes at times that are inconvenient.

Nevertheless, I see a couple ways God uses change to usher us into His best for our lives.

I encourage you to watch the brief video below, and comment at the end. Let me know how this helped you.

Have questions? Leave those too. I’m glad to offer my feedback.

Most of all, take at least one lesson away and implement it in your day-to-day lifestyle. After all…

“We cannot change our lives until we change what we do on a daily basis!” — John Maxwell

Make it a great day!