Chiropractic website marketing should do two things to help the practice owner(s) reach their practice growth and revenue goals:

  1. Generate Leads (AKA an email list)
  2. Create Foot Traffic and Appointments

However, many websites fail to come close to what the practice owners hoped for, leaving them frustrated and reluctant to expect much from their online marketing efforts.

So, what’s the problem, and can it be fixed?

The good news is, YES… it can be fixed.

Before I list the 7 Critical Criteria that must be included in a chiropractic website, I want to identify the bigger issue because we must address the root of the problem in order to move toward a solution that will create sustainable growth.

Chiropractic Marketing Weak LinkThe weak link comes down to three words: POOR MARKETING STRATEGY.

Here’s why a lot of chiropractic websites have failed to perform.

Hundreds of chiropractors have websites that look great because they’ve been designed by first-class graphic designers, or freelancers who know little-to-nothing about building a lead-generation website. Many of these people haven’t been exposed to the best practices of online or offline marketing.

The results is a “great-looking website” that fails to generate leads or traffic into the chiropractor’s office. People who are challenged with back or neck pain want an answer to the question, “How can you help me?”

A great-looking website that fails to answer the most pressing question(s) of the potential new patient will consistently fail to create a return on investment for those marketing dollars.

Hundreds of chiropractors (and other small business owners who run local businesses) are unfamiliar with how consumers make buying decisions in 2018. For the last several years, people begin their research online, and buy offline (ROBO). If the content of a chiropractic website fails to mirror the process buyers are walking through in their minds, that creates friction in the mind of the person looking for help. Too much friction will lead buyers to click away and search for a website that adds value to their search.

This blog post will point out how to fix the problem once and for all, without an investment of thousands of dollars.

Chiropractic Website Marketing: How to Fix an Under-Performing Website

In the handful of conversations I’ve had with chiropractors, I’ve been told most chiropractic training programs do not provide much in the area of ‘how to attract new patients”.

This is problematic.

A lot of websites perform poorly because the people who designed them – while they possess great intentions – are often under-qualified to take on this task.

One of the biggest priorities when building a chiropractic website marketing strategy is to structure it to mirror the process consumers walk through when making a buying decision.

3 Stages People Go Through Before a Buying Decision:

  1. Awareness – the consumer is aware of a problem they are having.
  2. Consideration – they’ve started researching to understand their problem and find a viable solution. While searching (often starting with Google), your practice needs to be visible so they can become aware of your brand. The beset way to create awareness today is by providing relevant information that helps them in their decision making process and positions the doctor(s) as someone who can help them get back to health and wellness.
  3. Decision – they will make a decision that makes sense to them once they complete their process of research and evaluation.

So… what exactly are consumers evaluating while they research? There are 3 core things people look at today:

  1. A Chiropractor’s Reviews
  2. A Chiropractor’s Website
  3. A Chiropractor’s Social Media Profiles

We live in a day where consumers grab their smart phone and begin searching for what they need. If someone is dealing with low back pain, neck pain, or sciatica, one of the first places they go is Google. They want suggestions on how to deal with the problem, and they’re looking for someone reputable they can go see near their home or business. So, if your office is in the metro Atlanta area, your website should show up for relevant search terms like the example seen below.

chiropractic website marketing

One of the first things consumers look for today is customer reviews. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey of 2017, we understand the following:

  • 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more
  • 49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business
  • Responding to reviews is more important than ever, with 30% naming this as key when judging local businesses

The image below reveals the growing trend of consumers looking for the reviews to determine if they want to trust.

Chiropractic Marketing - Reputation 2017

The trend from 2016-2017 makes it clear – consumers want to know what previous customers have to say before they walk into a chiropractor’s office. The message is clear, every chiropractor needs to prioritize asking their patients to leave reviews as a part of their chiropractic marketing strategy. (Not to mention – reviews help a chiropractor’s website to rank higher in the search engines.)

Source: Local Consumer Review Survey 2017

Last, according to a recent study by G/O Digital, when people want to find out more about a local business, they check Facebook more than any other social channel.

Social Channels Consumers Check Before Buying at a Local Business

  • Facebook – 62% of consumers look here
  • Pinterest – 12%
  • Twitter – 11%

Source: Study: Consumers Check Facebook Before Shopping at Local Businesses

Therefore, a superior chiropractic marketing strategy will prioritize these three areas in order to attract new patients.

7 Critical Criteria for Effective Chiropractic Website Marketing

The 7 criteria are as follows:

  1. A High Quality and Unique Logo
  2. A Picture of “The Star”
  3. A Picture of “The Supporting Cast”
  4. Multiple Calls to Action
  5. A “This is How You Get Started Section”
  6. Does the Site Have a Clean and Organized Feel?
  7. Is the Site Geared Toward Conversion?

As you can see, we’ve laid out 7 Critical Criteria, but those are a partial list from a total of 16 we use when creating Lead Generating Websites. (We reserve the rest for our clients.)

Chiropractic Website Audit

If you’re concerned that your website might be hurting your business instead of helping it, we’d be glad to provide a Complimentary Website Analysis where we review your current website using all 16 Critical Criteria, and provide a written report of our findings. This will give you a blueprint of what’s working and what’s broken showing exactly what needs to be fixed.

For a limited time, this Website Analysis is being provided as a complimentary service. Once we gain enough testimonials from satisfied clients, we will begin charging for this service.

If you’d like to strengthen your chiropractic website marketing strategy in order to attract more leads and new chiropractic patients, now is the time to identify your weak links so they can be fixed.

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