If you sell digital products, software, books, eCommerce products via Shopify (or another brand), or coaching services, I want to tell you how a couple guys doubled sales on their website as a result of following the right coaching advice. Their success is proof that many of us are just one decision away from a big win that puts more cash in our pocket.

This tip just might help you break though to a goal you’ve been wanting to hit, but unsure how to go about it. If you’re an action taker, this coupon marketing strategy is something you can begin profiting from today.

How Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier Doubled Website Sales with Coupon Marketing

Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier are the two guys who run Evergreen Profits. They provide to coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs. Together, they’ve generated over $100 million in sales for themselves and their clients over a 10 year period.

Their company mantra is as follows:

“Work in our zones of genius, prioritize our to-do’s and delegate the rest”. 

Well… it was a genius piece of advice that allowed them to double the conversion rate of a product on their website. As a result of doubling their conversion rate, they double sales without increasing their advertising costs.

Here’s the exact story as they tell it on their website:

For example, we created a checkout cart for a product that we were selling at a discount. The product was normally $29 and we discounted it down to $19.

The promotion was going well but Josh told us to test something…

He said “make the cart say $29 and then add a coupon code that takes $10 off to make it $19″…

This single tweak caused our checkout conversion rate to double!

After reading that, some people don’t need any more instruction. They’re stealing that coupon marketing campaign for immediate use.

On the other hand, others get the concept, but may not be ready to execute because they have a few more questions.

If that story isn’t enough, here are a few statistics on coupon marketing.

Coupon Marketing Statistics

  • 46% of travel shoppers looked for deals and promotions online in the past six months (Nielsen)
  • 34% of consumer electronics shoppers looked for deals and promotions online in the past six months (Nielsen)
  • 35% of beauty & personal care products shoppers looked for deals and promotions online in the past six months (Nielsen)
  • 30% of fresh groceries shoppers looked for deals and promotions online in the past six months (Nielsen)
  • 72% of Baby Boomers would shop online more if it were easier to use coupons (PRRI)

A comprehensive list of coupon marketing statistics can be found here: https://www.48daysmarketingcoach.com/coupon-marketing-statistics/

Some people want to do more with coupon marketing, but they’re challenged by the technology.

Work at Home Mom Who Isn't Tech Savvy - f

The challenge some people have is – they feel stuck because they’re not tech savvy. If their shopping cart solution is not user-friendly, they may be losing hours or days waiting for a website administrator to go in and setup a coupon marketing campaign for them.

Then they have to pay their website guy or gal to make those updates.

The delay of the wait, added to the financial cost required to get their website administrator working for them almost makes the strategy seem unattractive, or out of reach all together.

This is why I want to make it painless for anyone reading this blog post. Anyone who will take immediate action can begin converting more website visitors into buyers after watching the videos below.

By the end of the short video tutorial — you will know how to duplicate Matt and Joe’s coupon marketing success.

In addition, I’m going to pass on 2 additional insights to help you achieve your goals faster with coupon marketing.

  • The Shopping Cart Software that Makes it EASY for ANYONE to Use Digital Coupons

  • 3 Proven Ways To “Help, Not Hurt” Your Business With Coupon Codes

  • 5 Reasons Why People Won’t Use Your Coupon Code (And How To Get It Right)

Watch the brief video tutorial below to get all the details:

How to Boost Conversion with Digital Coupons

Duration 10:44

Walk-Thru of ThriveCart Checkout & Coupon Setup

Duration 12:57

I trust the video above has made everything crystal clear. If not, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know. We’re glad to answer your questions. One of our main objectives is to help you become more productive and profitable, and we know the tools referenced in the video will do just that.

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