This blog post is introducing a new direction for 2018. We’re adding the category of faith and work because there’s a direct connection between the God-inspired dreams we carry and the prosperity we achieve in life.

Prosperity is far more than material gain or financial wealth. Prosperity is a disposition of the heart and soul that God intends for us to experience. However, it escapes many of us.

Why? Partly because…

It’s easy to become so consumed with maintaining the life we’ve created, that we forfeit the life we were created for.

I’m a firm believer that God has given us clear instructions for a life well-lived inside of His Word (the Bible). We need to pay attention to ALL of what life is about if we’re going to experience true prosperity.

About 12 years ago, I was introduced to 48 Days to the Work You Love, by Dan Miller. In it, he outlines the 7 areas I believe we need to pay attention to.

7 Areas of a Prosperous Life

Living a full life and well-rounded life happens when we’re intentional about it. I recognize 7 key areas that need to be represented in a well-rounded life:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Career
  3. Financial
  4. Social
  5. Family
  6. Physical
  7. Personal Development

Source: 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller

The success and significance we desire in our careers (along with the financial and material gain) come from a specific recipe. It requires that we identify and develop our unique gift, and then offer it to the world around us.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve had dozens of conversations with clients, colleagues, friends, and family that sprung from the principles I picked up from this book. I’ve found that most people are looking for a level of success and fulfillment that – in many cases – seems beyond our reach.

However, if we’ll adjust our perspective and approach, I’m certain we can experience a richer life experience than ever.

I discovered this reality many years ago. When I pattern my life according to what God has revealed to me (and not what I’ve contrived in my mind), I’m happier and more joyful. (Not to mention the financial gain that comes from those related activities!)

This year, I want to do more to empower people in general and small business owners specifically to live more productive and profitable lives. What better way to invite prosperity into our lives than to make decisions that come from the recipe of God’s Word for success?

More specifically, I came across another book, Doing Business By the Good Book, by David L. Steward. He’s the founder of World Wide Technologies (WWT), headquartered in St. Louis Missouri.

In 2017, WWT did 10.4 billion in revenue. They currently have over 4,600 employees and rank 51 on Forbes Largest Private Companies List, and 40 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for List.

It’s pretty clear… they’re doing a few things right. So I figured, ‘why not learn from someone who’s clearly more successful than I am?

For the next 52 weeks, it is my goal to write one post per week highlighting what I’ve discovered in the 52 lessons on success taken from David Steward’s book. I’ll post them for any of my readers to glean from.

2 Kinds of Content in 2018

Going forward, this blog will provide 2 types of content:

  1. Insights for those who are looking for greater clarity around their purpose and calling in life.
  2. Proven strategies and tactics for people who want to be successful with getting and keeping customers using digital marketing strategies.

I invite you to review the video above. It will be a bit longer than those in the coming weeks because I’m introducing a new direction for this year.

I welcome your feedback below after you watch the video.

Make it a great day, and a great 2018!