Online Reviews for Local Business Owners

With the rising popularity of online reviews in the decision making process, consumers have captured the attention of local business owners and service providers in almost every industry, and rightly so. Home improvement  and service professionals, dentists, plastic surgeons, restaurant owners, hotels and motels, and automobile dealers and repair facilities… almost no one is untouched.

Ebay and popularized the concept and practice of giving prospective buyers insight from the experience of previous customers. It makes good sense. If you just moved to a new town and weren’t sure where to buy tires for your car, or which dentist to trust with your smile, how would you make that decision?

Social media marketing and online reviews have placed more power than ever into the hand of the consumer. If some people experience something in your place of business that leaves a bad taste in their mouth… many will yell “Buyer Beware” from the highest social media hill they can find (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Plus, etc).

Online reviews are getting more and more popular. I’ve seen the consistent rise in the numbers of consumers leaning heavily on online reviews over the past several year in their decision making process.

Statistics About Online Reviews from Recent Years

Online Reviews - The Trend

Seeing the trend in online reviews is the first step. Knowing how to respond will be the difference maker for a lot of local business owners.

In 2012, I had a conversation with two local business owners who stated that some of the reviews about their place of business were false. One gentleman (0wner of a local restaurant) said one of his associates admitted they had been employed by a competitor who posted false reviews for his competitors as a means to appear better than his competitors and boost his own sales.

While all online reviews might not be 100% legitimate, the reality is… buyers trust them. The best thing local business owners can do is adopt a proactive approach to building a 5-star reputation, and strategically using it to strengthen their position in the marketplace.

Online Reviews Drives New Business into the Front Door

While getting an oil change several months ago, my auto mechanic (Henderson Johnson of TA Automotive Services in Conyers, GA) had just started asking his clients to leave a review if the service was good. Soon after, he noticed several new customers coming into the shop. When asking them how they found him, they said they ‘read his reviews’ and decided to come in based on what others had said about him.

Henderson stated, “One guy said… ‘I never come to little shops like yours, but I had to give you a chance after seeing all your positive reviews'”.

If you run any kind of local business, here’s a short video showing how you can know whether or not prospective buyers are looking for reviews of YOUR company:

 Convert Your 5-Star Online Reviews to Influential Videos

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