Personalized Marketing Strategy

Personalized marketing tailors product and service offerings to customers by gathering data on buying habits, interests, and preferences. 88% of marketers know that a customized web experience will produce a high return on investment. Still, only 6% of these marketers are actually planning with personalization in mind.

Today, I stumbled across an infographic published earlier this year. However, after looking at it, there are 5 evergreen tips here. Anyone who takes actions, measures and optimizes their results as they go forward cannot help but win. 

No one gets up in the morning with a calculated decision to throw their paycheck into the fireplace. However, that’s what happens when small business owners know how to achieve higher returns, but consistently make decisions that take them in the opposite direction.

I get it… everyone is overwhelmed. We’re all juggling to keep the balls from hitting the ground. The person who continues to be moved by the tyranny of the urgent instead of laying out a solid marketing strategy established on best-practices, and executing within a realistic timeline will continue to fall short of hitting their goals.

The infographic here provides great insight on how to approach personalizing your customer’s experience. While they’re promoting Formstack, there are a number of ways to integrate personalization into your marketing.

Personalized Marketing


For WordPress users, I recommend Gravity Forms. It’s what we’ve used on our website, and the websites we build for clients for the last 3-4 years.

Some people love WuFoo forms. I’m not a stickler on which application you use. What’s most important is to create a marketing plan with clear timelines and deadline and get to it!

Would you like to generate more leads and close more sales? It starts by having a clear goals and objectives. Make certain your ideal consumer is clear on why they should do business with you. When the value (you deliver is clearly their best option), the decision to do business with your company become easy.

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