I’m writing this blog post because I want to help real estate agents in metro Atlanta (and beyond) generate more leads and get to the closing table more often by working smarter. I worked as a mortgage loan officer for over 2 1/2 years, so I know how emotional people can be during the home buying process.

One of my passions is helping small business owners work smarter and not just harder. It’s possible to build a ‘real estate lifestyle business’ if you know what to do. In this 10:32 real estate marketing training, I cover several of the leading fears that keep people from buying. If you’re an agent who’s willing to help prospective buyers overcome these fears, you can attract more clients and generate more referrals.

How Much is One Real Estate Client Worth?

If you can earn $3,000 or more when going to the closing table, I encourage you to watch this brief video. You discover how to differentiate yourself from hundreds of average agents who only hand out business cards and hold open houses using old-school methods. If you take this approach, you can create a name for yourself in your community, and become the “go-to agent” buyers prefer to deal with.

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